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About Business ValueXpress®

Business ValueXpress® (BVX®, released 7/2001) is a unique valuation and deal structure software that provides highly accurate results while reducing guesswork. BVX® is very easy to use and is interactive; it operates from one screen. It allows what-if analysis like Cash vs. Seller-financed price, Stock vs. Asset price, price impact of financing terms and deal structures, value of a strategic buyer etc. BVX® uses proprietary algorithms and advanced mathematics.

The Architect

 BVX® has been developed by Mike Adhikari, President and owner of its exclusive distributor, Adhikari International, Inc.

Mike Adhikari has 30+ years of M&A experience and 17+ years of operating experience with a Fortune 500 company. He teaches at the Kellogg Business School of the Northwestern University. He has three post-graduate degrees, including an MBA from the University of Chicago. His valuation work has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and US Congress.

Mike used early version of BVX® to quantify reduction in valuation of small businesses due to 12/99 tax law change that repealed installment sale provision. Wall Street Journal quoted this analysis and U.S. Congress used it during the hearings to reverse the tax law change. Mike worked actively with various organizations in Washington to help achieve reinstatement of the installment sale provision in 12/2000. 

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