A Transaction Valuation & Deal Structuring Software

BVX® is a new dimension in objective valuation.

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The Most Advanced Tool for Interactive Valuations

A single input screen to test various scenarios and develop insight into improving shareholder value.

Requires inputs from the following categories:

  1. Income Statement

  2. Balance Sheet

  3. Growth Assumptions

  4. Financing

  5. Deal Structure

  6. Taxation

  7. Exit Strategy

Quick overview of the deal structure and the multiple - including the financing.

Useful for simple transactions with no bank debt, to complex deals involving mezzanine financing, balloon note, deferred payments, and over advance loans.

Financing Inputs:

Revolver, Term Loan, Over Advance Loan, Loan with Deferred Principal, Balloon Loan, and Mezzanine financing with principal amortization and deferred principal payments.

Non-compete and Consulting payments.

Independent Real Estate financials and ROI analysis.

BVX® provides two tools in one program.

  1. As a valuation tool it provides BVX® Best Value.

  2. As a deal structure tool it interactively provides financial performance of the business and Buyer’s ROI (Return On Investment).

Elevate your Practice

M&A Advisors & Business Brokers

  • Pre-screen sellers

  • Develop ideal buyer profile

  • Manage buyer/seller expectations

  • Analyze LOI & deal structures

  • Work with lenders

  • Avoid deal crashes

  • Recover cratered deals

  • Quantify synergies

Appraisers, Valuators & Accountants

  • Sanity check of a full report valuation

  • Cash Value vs. Leveraged Valuation

  • Buy-side advisory work: structure and what-if analysis

  • Reinforce FMV analysis with justification of purchase

  • Asset vs. Stock purchase valuation

  • C Corp vs. S Corp valuation

Exit Planners & Consultants

  • Determine trade-offs between growth, profitability, and working capital

  • Determine impact of gains in productivity and well-managed CapX

  • Quantify benefits of quality financials

  • Quantify benefits of consistent profits

  • Explain the impact of growth

Insights from BVX®

Impact of Growth

Growth can reduce value if business needs high working capital

Impact of Growth

Change in value is not hyperbolic but linear, due to debt service

Impact of CapEx

Value reduces as CapX increases

Impact on ROE

Lower ROE translates to higher value, higher Equity needed, lower D/E ratio

Asset vs. Stock Purchase

It is entirely possible to have a lower value for a Stock purchase, compared to an Asset purchase

S Corp. vs. C Corp.

Generally, C Corp buyer pays a lower multiple

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